Librarian's Corner

Late February 2024

Some would say it takes skill. Some go through an in-depth analysis. Some just close their eyes and point.

No matter your method, I think the Oscar Ballot contest is one of my favorite activities we have at the Library. It’s a great time to highlight a lot of great movies from throughout the year—many of which the Library purchases on DVD, and are available for you to check out and view. Our DVDs make up a significant chunk of the Library’s collection, and we’re one of the few places still around where you can pick up a movie to watch. (I’d say “rent,” but since you don’t have to pay anything to borrow a movie here, it’s even better.)

We have major motion pictures, independent films, documentaries, instructional videos, family films, TV programs for children and adults, and so much more.  The Matinée Café is a great opportunity to see films on a big screen—not as big as a movie theater, but definitely bigger than a television. We try to select more out-of-the-way features for the Matinée Café, the ones you might not hear much about but are still great watches. And we’ll throw in a big name once in a while too, if the length isn’t too blockbuster-y.

We have the rotating BVLA collection as well, which we share with other libraries in the county. It features a lot of the popular British television series, as well as popular American series, documentaries, and other features—and there’s a new section to look through every couple of months.

The Oscars are airing on Sunday, March 10th on ABC, so make sure to get your ballots into us by the 9th—and make sure your name is on your ballot. (Keep a copy handy if you want to see how accurate your predictions were!) The ballot with the most correct predictions will win a DVD or Blu-ray of their choice of one of this year’s nominated movies. (Subject to availability. Predicting when movies will be released on DVD nowadays is just as much a guessing game as filling out a ballot.)

And even if you choose not to fill out a ballot this year, you can always borrow nominated films from us to have your own watch party, and see what all the buzz is really about. We even have a portable DVD player in our Library of Things, in case you don’t have a player at home to use.

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