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Meeting Room Policy



The Freedom Public Library provides space for individuals and groups to meet as part of its service. No programs with a profit motive or games of chance with money prizes will be allowed. All meetings must be free, open to the public, and be limited to 45 people in attendance.

Applications may be obtained at the Library and permission will be granted to use the meeting area on a first come, first served basis. Cancellation notice must be received 24 hours in advance. If the library must be closed because of adverse weather conditions, there may be little notice given to cancel a meeting; otherwise, every effort will be made to give as much notice as possible if cancellation is necessary.

Library facilities must be left in a clean and orderly fashion, and furnishings returned to their original position. No alcoholic beverages may be served anywhere in the library. No smoking is permitted in the library or on the grounds. No candles or lighted materials are allowed. No Library business, such as checking out books, may be transacted. Users of the library will be liable for the costs of any repair of damages or any additional maintenance services.

If the meeting includes children under the age of 18, they must be supervised by an adult (one adult for every 15 minors.)

No library equipment shall be used without the permission of the Library Director.

The library staff is not available to assist in rearranging seating, carrying supplies, operating equipment, serving food, or cleaning up.

The library may revoke meeting area privileges at any time.

Granting permission for use of the library in no way constitutes endorsement by the Staff or Board of Trustees of the organization using the facility or its purpose.

Arrangements for the key to the Library may be made upon application. The key should be picked up during library hours and returned to the library book drop after the meeting.

The Freedom Library reserves the right to amend these policies as the Board of Trustees may deem appropriate.

Approved 2/24/2011
Freedom Public Library Board of Trustees